Fasting Helps

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There’s a story in the Bible about a widow who is about to lose her two sons as slaves to her creditors. She cries out for help to the Prophet Elisha and he tells her to collect as many empty jars as she can. She is to pour the little bit of olive oil she has into these jars and watch as God provides supernaturally for her family. After all the spare jars are full, she is able to sell the costly oil so she can pay off her debts, rescue her sons, and live on the remaining abundance. (2 Kings 4)

You see, when we come to the Lord during times of fasting and prayer, we make room for the Holy Spirit to pour himself into us more fully. Especially when we fast, we empty ourselves and forgo what’s good for what’s better. It’s in these times when we find out what we’re really relying on or what’s bringing us superficial comfort. It’s possible to live our lives in such a way oblivious to what we’re looking to for happiness other than God, but during a fast we’re asking God for the help and insight we need to discover where we need rescuing.

I hope this time of prayer and fasting is both rewarding and revealing to you.


Here are a few resources I’ve found helpful as I’ve fasted over the years:

Mike Bickle – The Rewards of Fasting

Mike Bickle – Understanding Our Call to Fast

John Piper – A Hunger for God

Derek Prince – Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting

Elmer Towns – Fasting for Financial Breakthrough


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