Our oldest son bought an Xbox this fall. Every so often, it stutters when we’re playing and starts over, much to my son’s chagrin. I’m mostly able to flow with it and not get too worked up about it. I wish life was the same way.

I’m in a bit of a reset period myself. I’m feeling a refocusing coming on so more in alignment with what I feel called to do in life. Our church is going through a major reset, or refresh, as we think through some different ways of ministry. And just this morning, I met with a couple who had recently broken up and they were trying to figure out how to move forward together (but mostly apart).

All these things can be confusing and painful because most of the answers are on the other side of the reset. The reason why it’s necessary, how you’re going to live differently, what it costs, etc. make more sense looking backwards. But we can’t let the fear of loss hold us back from who we’re becoming.

When was the last time you reset something significant in your life? How did you make it through?

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