10 Thoughts On Exiting The Local Church

Carey Nieuwhof has written a post that is part-response to Donald Miller’s post about not attending church and part-appeal for people who are about to leave to reconsider. His 10 thoughts are:

1. A step out of a local church is many times a step away from God.

2. The church puts us into contact with people with whom we would rather not associate.

3. A step away from organized community is often a step away from accountability.

4. A movement is more effective when it has leadership and authority.

5. There is tremendous potential when people are aligned and released around a common mission, vision and strategy.

6. An outward focus of the church is best maintained when people gather intentionally.

7. The faith you cherish is built on the foundation of people who were part of the local church.

8. A wound created in community is best healed in community.

9. The promise of the church is still greater than the problems of the church.

10. Trying something new is better than walking away.

You can read his reasoning here.

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