Team Culture Intro

One of Michael’s many important meetings.

Recently I asked myself about the kind of organization I want to be a part of and the sort of environment that would make working on a team of leaders enjoyable and meaningful. I’m not sure I’ve ever stopped to think about it before but, then again, I’ve never been in the position I’m currently in. Exciting is an understatement, but it will do.

I want to cast a vision for our team culture at theWELL so we can draw in leaders who are imaginative and driven to excellence when they see and share a compelling vision. I came up with a number of descriptors, but narrowed it down to four to keep it simple and memorable. My thought is that we already have corporate shared values to guide our culture at large and I want to avoid redundancy wherever possible. But leaders are (and want to be) challenged to a higher standard, so I think it’s necessary to describe where our team philosophy is headed. Here’s what I came up with:

Passion. Communication. Submission. Innovation.

I’m going to take this post and the next three to develop these four ideas and how they can impact and drive our teams. I’m looking for feedback, so ask lots of questions and give me some examples of how you’ve seen these in your life.

Thanks for your help. I’m looking forward to the discussion.

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