The Most Impactful Thing I’ve Read In A While

“We tend to want our hearts and minds to protect the peace of God within us. Paul actually reverses this and says that the peace of God protects our hearts and minds. But this does not happen simply because we present our petitions to God. It is quite possible to be anxious on our knees. We might list all our concerns and have it be nothing but a worry session in prayer. Paul says, in effect, that the thing necessary to keep this from happening is thanksgiving. We must present our petitions with thanksgiving” (Beyond Stateliest Marble, p. 215).

(via Blog & Mablog)

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  1. Yes and amen. Thankfulness causes our hearts to remember what God has done for us in the past, how He came through in a pinch last time, and our worried hearts settle down because we know He can do it again. Then comes the peace. Good stuff.

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