Sarah has encouraged me to start blogging again. And because I always (*cough*) listen to her, here we are. I’m anticipating some thoughts on my daily Bible reading, perhaps a prayer every so often, and probably just general relections on life and theology. So we’ll just see what comes out….

I’ve got to admit, though, blogging has always seemed kind of weird to me. It’s like my journal (because I’m a guy, I have a journal–not a diary, thank you very much) in that I could never figure out who I was talking to. Whoever my audience-of-the-moment was, deep down I wondered if I wasn’t just talking to myself. So if that’s true, here’s to you, compadre.

  1. You are talking to yourself. And me. And whoever else is out there. Hopefully you will get more traffic soon. You have lots of good things to say. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Josh said:

    Thanks, babe. Glad you’re listening.

  3. Kelley said:


    That’s really funny. I often don’t write in my journal because I don’t know who to address it to, and I don’t want to write information that I already know, if I’m just writing to myself. “Dear myself a year from now” just doesn’t work out…

  4. Josh said:

    I know, right? Guess I’ll just have to get over the awkwardness….

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