Thoughts from Revelation

The scene is set in heaven, where God Almighty sits on His throne in complete control of the course of history. John (many believe the Apostle John) is invited to witness something astounding. It’s something that no one has ever been privy to (that we know of) in all of humanity’s existence.

God offers a scroll securely sealed to anyone worthy to take it from His hand and open its contents.

The angelic order draws back, as they grasp the offer, as well as how far they fall short. These are creatures that have never sinned and transgressed God laws, yet they perceive the recipient is not among their ranks.

Suddenly, a man appears before the throne of God. Surely, no man has on the claim. For we know that the human race went wayward long ago. Only a third of the angelic host rebelled against God, but 100% of humanity has preferred their way to God’s.

Except One.

There has only been One who preferred His Father’s way to His, and so fully submitted Himself that He became the sacrifice that reunited the Father with anyone who so desires. This sacrificial Lamb now stands and boldly takes another installment of what He purchased: The title deed to planet Earth. Leadership over all the nations has belonged to Him from the Beginning, but now it’s time  again to act. Now it’s time to enact the plan so that His Kingdom will have it’s fullest impact and expression.

He is coming.

And there are things here that we must deal with.  Being prepared not only corresponds to knowing what Scripture says about His Second Coming, but our heart must be equipped to deal with the questions that accompany it.

Specifically, Why must Jesus do things this way?  Why, when the seals are opened, is there so much calamity upon the Earth?  Why does Jesus do it this way?  Does a loving God really allow such things to come to pass.  Does a loving God actually initiate these things?

We must do this if only to satisfy the questions in our own heart.

If we don’t know this side of Jesus, do we really know Him?  If we refused to know certain aspects of our friends, are they really our friends?

I would enjoy hearing any feedback you may have.



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