Israel and the Church

“…But the inclusion of Gentile believers within the bounds of promise and of covenant does not affect the purpose of God with the nation, nor does the Church displace Israel in the plan of God in relation to the other nations. The mission of the Church is to evangelize the world with a view to the gathering in of individuals out of all nations to its fold, but it is reserved for restored and converted Israel as a nation to bring the nations to a knowledge of their glorious Messiah and King, and bring universal blessing to the world.”

– David Baron, Israel in the Plan of God

Why does God care about Israel–that is, if He does at all? What should our response be to the nation past, present and future? These are just a couple of questions I’ve been wrestling with lately.

As I’ve been doing some studying and reading what other thinkers have set out as their viewpoints, I’m increasingly convinced that God has a plan for Israel’s future–particularly, that they, as a people, will accept Jesus as their Messiah, and He will rule the world from Jerusalem.

I’m still looking into passages from Scripture, such as Zecharaih 12-14 and Romans 9-11, as well as Art Katz’s The Mystery of Israel and the Church.

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