A New Horizon

“…Lift up your eyes, for your redemption draws near.” -Jesus

I’m feeling a stirring in my heart about the House of Prayer in Manhattan. I’m studying the Tabernacle of David, David’s heart and leadership, End Times, along with other assorted topics that grab my attention. All of this is fine, but I feel the Lord challenging my perspective. I believe He is telling me that my vision isn’t big enough, that I’m too disconnected. All of these things–theology as a discussion and obssession–is all related to one thing. Jesus. I know this somewhat, but my studies haven’t been very integrated because I’ve somehow seperated them into seperate (read: segregated) topics. It’s great to tease them apart to try and gain more understanding, but left that way they become sterile and robbed of their unified power.

I say all this because what I’d like to do is to begin to lay forth a theology of/for the prayer room. I’ve done so in bits and pieces, but I’d like to concentrate my focus a little so that those who are interested may be on the same page. In no way do I intend to give definitive, end-of-discussion definitions and explanations, but I hope to at least bring forth a vision of the prayer room.

What are we doing? For what purpose do we gather? Who can be involved? Where are we heading into the future? These, along with other questions, are valuable tools that we can use to define and refine who we are and what we’re doing.

All the while, might I add, this presupposes guidance, empowering, and wisdom from the Spirit. We give this as our love offering to Him deserves it, the One whom our hearts desire.

Until He comes,



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