Bill Johnson responds

No doubt you have heard dissenters speak against what going on in Florida.  Bill Johnson, a man whom I deeply respect as a man of God, responds to such criticisms.

By, the way, Sarah and I are going to Lakeland on Thursday.  Stay tuned for first-hand reactions/experiences.  We’re really looking forward to it.

  1. rico7 said:

    I enjoyed my time in Lakeland. God’s presence is tangible.

  2. endtimespropheticwords said:

    I have a question for you – do you know Robert Mugabe personally?

  3. joshuasiders said:

    No, I do not know Robert Mugabe personally. But let me stop you before you stretch too far out there to make some kind of parallel between knowing Bentley and knowing Mugabe. I have no interest in debating critics of this revival. There’s plenty of other people who can engage in that dialogue more effectively than I can. My intent is only to help authentic seekers who have real questions about what’s going on in Florida, and how that relates to what Jesus is doing in the earth today. If that’s you, I’m sorry I spoke up so soon. I think questions are great, and I’d be more than happy to oblige you. If you want to tell me how wrong I am, well, I’m going down next weekend to discern for myself, so I’m not interested in a debate right now. God bless and good night.

  4. Sharon said:

    Just ask the Holy Spirit to show you the Truth about the Revival. Than wait to listen.

  5. Sharon said:

    Tahnk you bill for such Love and Grace.

  6. Madison said:

    I got a e-mail that was saying Todd was a fake and so was the revival in Lakeland and some people at my church believed it. So I ws kind of confused.. In the Bible God says In the end there will be a BIG out pouring and Saten will send his people to trick us…But what was really confusing is the whole revivial thing God is getting all the glory and people are getting saved..So I have really been doing some thinking reading the Bible and praying about it.. and I saw this and some other thing and there is NO way it is a fake….God is AMAZING!! God bless you..

    I’m twelve and I plan to grow closer to the Lord..In this whole revivial and out pouring thing that is going on it is really goos for me… God is totally AWESOME!!

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