I lot has happened since my last post.  Sarah and I got married, moved in to our first place together, all while having the most picture-perfect marital bliss one could imagine.  Seriously, though, it’s been great.  We’ve had our share of domestic encounters, but we’ve really enjoyed this aspect of our new life.

(And I don’t mean to make marriage sound like it should fall into the category of “Oh, and what did you do this weekend/That story sounds nice/How ’bout those Broncos” type remarks.  There’s more on that to come, especially because I am learning how theology and marriage are so astoundingly intertwined.  Also, visit our blog for more adventures in babysitting!)

But along with general observations of what I expected married life to be like vs. what it actually is, I’ve also felt the gentle tug of the Holy Spirit to dive deeper into His ocean.  The Spirit’s enticement is like the faint whiff of newly baked bread that you might catch walking down an otherwise empty street.  It’s just enough to grab your attention and pique your curiosity, but not so overwhelming that you have no choice but to oblige.

It occurs to me that the gentle ways of the Spirit’s attention-grabbing seem, at first, very polite.  Genteel, in a word.  And, while that’s true (as far as I can tell from our brief, yet impactful, relationship), I always get the deeper sense of something dangerous.  It’s not a sinister darkness that lurks below the surface, but something awesome and powerful.  Something is churning in the depth of who He is, yet He waits to release His full energy.  Just what is He waiting for?  That is what I plan to discover.

  1. Your woman said:

    You are so cool. I love the way you say things. I am intrigued by the Spirit too, and I want to say yes to his voice even more.

    Marriage to you has been about as close to bliss as one can get. I’m a very happy woman. I love you, Joshua.

  2. joshuasiders said:

    Thanks for the encouragement! You’re so great!

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