The Shack

The Shack

After a weighty recommendation, I have recently finished reading The Shack by William Young.  I expected this book to have and immediate impact due to all the positive reviews on the internet, but I seem to be the same person I was before I opened its pages.  I’m still hoping that is has deep, long-lasting residual effects, much like an oak that takes its time spreading out a root system before deciding to rise high above the horizon.

I can’t say much without giving away significant plot points.  The main character’s name is Mack, a man whose past haunts him even if he won’t admit to it.  He receives an cryptic invitation that would take him to the epicenter of his pain.

The Shack doesn’t disappoint.  What I enjoy most about this book is that it unites head and heart for a perpetual tug-of-war.  For anyone willing to face God-questions head-on, and in practical, everyday scenarios, this is a must-read.  You will find yourself gazing hard into your own heart to search for perceived meaning and answers, all the while contemplating difficult solutions to what humanity has asked from the Divine since our beginning.

And to many, this makes absolutely no sense.  And it’s perfect in clarity all at the same time.


  1. Your woman said:

    I want to read this. Can I borrow it? I’m thinking that the reason the change you seek hasn’t actually taken hold is because you haven’t been able to/taken time to truly meditate on the implications of the book’s message. Just a thought. But at least you’ve read it. I feel a little lazy. Books like this require that I dive in and spend time thinking about what the book is actually saying. Sometimes I don’t want to take that time. There’s only one book I know of that can change me while I read anyway. I should read that.


  2. joshuasiders said:

    Yes, you’re so right!


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