In the midst

Sarah and I are planning our wedding, as we have been for about a month.  Overall, it’s been a pleasant experience.  Sarah is great.  She is taking on much of the responsibility and asking me to be involved only on the major decisions.  It’s not that I don’t want to be deeply involved, it’s just that she’s been thinking about this day for a lot longer than I have.  And so I’ve taken a posture of support and agreement–something she makes very easy for me.


Gorgeous, isn’t she?

And as I have wedding plans in mind, I have come across a wonderful quote by A.W. Tozer:

I once heard Dr. George D. Watson, one of the great Bible teachers of his generation, point out that men can have two kinds of love for God–the love of gratitude or the love of excellence.  He urged that we go on from gratefulness to a love of God just because He is God and because of the excellence of His character.

Unfortunately, God’s children rarely go beyond the boundaries of gratitude.  I seldom hear anyone in worshipful prayer admiring and praising God for His eternal excellence.

Many of us are strictly “Santa Claus” Christians.  We think of God as putting up the Christmas tree and putting our gifts underneath.  That is only an elementary kind of love.

We need to go on.  We need to know the blessing of worshiping in the presence of God without thought of wanting to rush out again.  We need to be delighted in the presence of utter, infinite excellence. (What Ever Happened to Worship?)

That last line captures me.  That’s what I want.  For it’s only in the discovery of the Excellent One can we appreciate the beauty in this life, weddings included.

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