It’s not loneliness that I feel, but more like an alone-ness that grips my heart in curiosity–yet something stronger.  Are there any more like me out there?  Lord, are there more like-minded and like-hearted people out there with the same vision as me?  Do any others, especially in my generation, who have a house of prayer burning on their hearts?  Where are those like Anna and Mary of Bethany?

There are those who I am fellowship with, but I long to go deeper into the Lord’s heart.  It’s not that I believe that I have some special, secret revelation.  But as I read works from the mystics of ancient times, I am convinced that there is a deeper revelatory encounter that can be entered into.  And I want to go there.

But right now, I feel so dry and distracted in the place of prayer.  My thoughts wander, and the spirit seems so shallow–like I can’t break through to some deeper realm.

Lord, show me the way.  Teach me the way to the deepest part of your heart.  Amen.

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  1. Didn’t see this entry until tonight. Happy are you who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for I know this prayer is still your heart. May you go deeper and deeper into his heart. May you be drenched in the oil of intimacy. Love you.

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