I love our team!

We’re a rag-tag bunch, that’s for sure.  But the more time that I spend with the people who participate in Friday night prayer & worship, the more that I love them.  I see them more and more through the eyes of the Lord, and my heart breaks in delightful joy that they are so devoted.  Much of this also stems from my own realization that I am not the effective leader that I want to be, and I know that my own inadequacies effect everyone.  Yet they come!  And we’re growing!  It’s unbelievable how sensationally kind the Lord is, especially with weak and broken people.  We’re not the best-looking, best-sounding, most-polished team, but that’s not the point.  Yet our skills are being sharpened, and I know that our hearts are crying out for more and more encounter.  Yesterday’s successes aren’t good enough to coast on–we must have current living understanding of this holy God we love and serve.  Deep cries out to deep!

No one could have imagine we’d be doing what we’re doing–especially a year later.  Thank You, Lord.  What does the future hold?   Who knows.  But we cast ourselves upon a God who can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think.  Hallelujah!

 Lord, I come before your mighty throne and I lift this group up to You.  I ask that in the name of Jesus You would extend Your hand to each and every one of them and that You would bless them mightily in the knowledge and understanding of Your Son.  I ask that You would reveal Yourself to them through Your Word.  Take them deeper in prayer to experience more of Your love and Your tender mercy.  Lord, they so much want to please You.  I ask that You would reveal Your pleasure in them directly to them.  Thank You, Jesus, for being patient with me.  Give me wisdom to lead and courage to stand.  We love to love You, Jesus.  Give us a song–a sound–to bless Your heart.  Amen.


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