Discuss amongst yourselves…

So, after Sarah told me last night that most everyone begins their blog like I did (everyone except her, that is), I decided that I might describe some of the things I’m thinking about.  Here goes:

1)  The seeking heart.  No one told me that a life lived for Jesus was so difficult.  And I’m not even talking about persecution, living in a third world country, or enduring a life-threatening disease.  None of those things affect me directly.  Then kind of hardship I’m talking about is the day-in and day-out decisions that affect the future–especially eternity.  And in that, making sense of all the other things that are apart of life (like persecution, living in a third world country–you get the picture).

2)  The End Times.  I’m not an eschatology buff.  Some people are, and that’s okay.  I feel a divine calling to be informed about what the Bible says will happen at the end of the age.  Jesus is coming, and I want myself and others to be prepared.  Or at least informed.

3)  Holiness.  Mostly used as a word that people use synonomously with “scrooge”, “killjoy”, or even “boring”.  I want to look at it not so much as what we as believers can’t do, but what we are allowed to do.  Huge implications follow.

4)  Books.  A favorite subject of mine.  Maybe I’ll give some reviews, or even a “best of” list.  Exciting stuff here, folks.

5)  Christian culture.  For this topic, I’ll especially be writing as a student and not a professional.  It will probably be mostly observations.

6)  Prayer.  I saved the best for last.  I actually don’t even want to get into it now because I don’t think I’d stop.

 So, until then.

  1. About Holiness: consider that perhaps holiness is not only about what we can do, but is linked inextricably to God’s justice. Thus being holy is following after God’s justice and not just living by a set of morals. Holiness is then a much more diverse and powerful idea than “Christian’s don’t smoke, Christian’s don’t drink, Christian’s don’t cuss.” And the positive construction could be more like: “Christians feed the hungry, clothe the naked, stand up for the oppressed, etc…”

    I suppose that the holiness aspect of Evangelical churches seems to have shaped the way the larger Church as a whole thinks about holiness, and for a holiness tradition like the Church of God (Anderson), that has a large role. I’d like to see it move away from “do x, don’t do z.” and towards a more realistic cry for justice and peace.

    Some stuff to think about, in both Christian culture, and Holiness.


  2. joshuasiders said:

    Interesting thoughts, Dave. Maybe holiness is the first subject I’ll comment on. Until then, brother!


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